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Rinn-Shannon & District Angling Club(R.S.D.A.C.)


PAGE (1) 30th April 2009

Dear Members

Due to some serious Litter, Poaching, acts of Vandalism: Fires, breaking fences
etc. The club is introducing 2 new rules and procedures for our fishery at
Lough Rowan. Co.Leitrim.


A Vehicle membership card is enclosed this card must be retained in your vehicle and displayed when fishing the lake, anyone fishing the lake without doing so, will be asked to leave the fishery. This card will be renewed each season. A separate guest, card which will be dated, is being distributed to our dealers.

The reason for this rule is follows:
When vehicles are parked by the Lake it is impossible for us to establish who they,
are be they members, guests or poachers. !


Anyone wanting to fish Mr & Mrs Matt Lords Land adjacent to the Lake will be able to do so providing that they ask permission before entering their land and show a current membership card. If they are not in then leave a note with your membership details.

The reason for this rule is as follows:
Paul Beck (Chairman) and I called on Mr & Mrs Lord on the 15th April 2009



Mr & Mrs Lord complained that their land had been crossed without permission, that Fences had been broken, gates had been blocked , evidence of a used throwaway barbecue had been left at the lakeside and that
litter had been left at the non permitted parking sites. Also they had no idea who was fishing on their land – poachers or otherwise! So I think you will appreciate the reason for Rule 2.

Rowan Lake is a natural Lough and has existed for thousands of years and the committee feel that Litter Bins would encourage more litter and give the appearance that Lough Rowan is an amenity area. Also it has been suggested that a style for access could be constructed this again is not a good idea as it would then give rights of way to every one.
Also we encourage all members to challenge anyone for proof of membership.
Do this in a friendly way – you have the right to challenge, so use it!
Any Problems Or objections from those challenged - then phone me on
087 2784673 Or Paul Beck on 087 6254740 And we will sort it!

So to sum up:
Do follow the New Rules do not park in front of access points on Mr & Mrs Lords land - by all means drop of your tackle and then re-park in the designated areas.

Breaking News:

On Sunday the 30th June 2009 we are holding the 1st of the seasons Trout Match: Any Legal Method. Boat & Shore. The Prizes are nearly 2000.00 euros of Salmon and Trout tackle contributed by The Proprietor of Shannon Tackle. Jamestown. Mr Terry Mann.
We also intend a further restocking of the water of a number of 1 – 2lb Erne Strain Trout. That makes a total expenditure of nearly 6000 Euros so far this season. Incidentally there have been reports that some of the double figure brown trout have been caught and removed for the table !
Fish of this size make pretty bland eating and Sportsmen should know better so catch and release all double figure Trout.. We don’t need a 3rd Rule, or do we ?

Rowan Lough is fishing really well so far this season – so enjoy your fishing.

Best regards
Ernest Catherines.

Assistant Secretary

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