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Opening Day 2011

Rinn-Shannon & District Angling Club(R.S.D.A.C.)







Lough Rowan Opening Day 2011


The new season on Lough Rowan got off to a magnificent start as some extraordinary fishing was enjoyed by the members of Rinn- Shannon & District Angling Club on Sunday 3rd April 2011. Many anglers made it to the lake early in their quest to be the first people to hook into a Lough Rowan rainbow as it was the first time that these type of magnificent salmonids had been stocked into the fishery.

It certainly was a case of the early bird catches the trout but not with a worm as Mohill man Aidan Beck was into a fish early on and had caught 3 fish with the best at 3lbs before most anglers had put on their socks!!. Aidan finished up with 12 trout in what was a magnificent return for one of Lough Rowan's most regular anglers. A party of anglers from Longford also enjoyed some favourable sport early on at the fishery with one young angler pictured with a fine brace of trout (see above).

Mohill was well represented as usual with many local anglers and regulars to the fishery spotted battling with hard- fighting fish all over the lake on the day. Thomas Mulligan was into a lively fish early on when suddenly realised he had forgotten to bring his landing net. Not to be outdone, Thomas held on until his boat drifited ashore where he managed to capture his quarry in shallow water.

Val Fitzpatrick and Danny Levy had a remarkable day with 33 trout to their boat all on the fly with all but one returned. Danny had 19 trout and edged out Val in a personal rod measuring contest but lost his 20th fish at the end of the day. Much to the delight of Val!

Noel Moran, Damien Monaghan and Frank Donlon enjoyed some great fishing together as the above photographs prove with at least one double hook up leaving Damien in a bit of a conundrum as of which fish to net first!!

Jim Boyle is pictured engaged in a spirited tussle with an impressive looking rainbow and Peter Logan and Miko Wynne all caught fish on what was surely the most prolific opening day at the fishery since it first opened.

I noticed several other anglers into fish including Peter Flatley, Jude Collum, Albert Cooney and Pat Conefrey to name but a few.This was an excellent start to the 2011 which bodes well for the future of the lake thanks to the hard work of the committee in securing delivery of over 2000rainbow trout for the first time. Special thanks must go to the staff at IFI Roscrea for producing such high quality triploid fish. These fish are bred to be infertile which means they will not lose condition when engaged in the rigours of the spawning season and will be more focussed on weight gain as a result which should see some great increases in size over the coming months and seasons. Tight lines to all.





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